"At Home with Julie & Barb 9/2/09"

All our energies are being put into the creative thoughts for the Fall set-up. A cool graveyard is being designed. A colorful Halloween party table is in the works. Fun poison bottles are being made and even some creepy spider egg sacks. We love this time of year. Along with all this planning, we went to preview the home we will be decorating this year at the Hinsdale Housewalk. (Wheaton decided to do their Housewalk in the Spring next year.) It's a great house with a beautiful pond and gardens outside. It is being held on Oct. 4. Since we've been busy at the shop and at home getting ready for the Fall Premier on Sept. 10, we haven't had time for a personal life. Our poor dog and Julie's kids get the short end of the stick for the next week. But....it's gonna look great and you'll be totally amazed as usual. See you soon.

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