JB Winterberry Bids Farewell !

Farewell from JB,

It is with much sadness that we post our goodbyes. After 8 wonderful years, we have decided it is time to close our doors. Our dream had become a reality and then the economy changed that reality. Our love for the shop and Wheaton has carried us a long way. It has been a pleasure to meet each and every one of you. We never thought a small retail venture could have introduced us to so many extraordinary people.

After our shop has closed, we only hope that it' s memory lives on in the history of downtown Wheaton. We have accomplished so much and our hearts are heavy with this decision. However, small shops like ours need customers year long and in this economy only Christmas shoppers can't carry the load for the entire year. From the bottom of our hearts we thank those of you who have tried to support us and the downtown. We will not forget the love you have shown.

As many of you have gotten to know our wonderful group of employees - The JB Girls- they wish to say farewell also. Who would have thought that a group of 20 women could have bonded so deeply because of the love of one great idea...JB Winterberry.

Our "Farewell Sale" begins Monday, June 19th at 9am. All merchandise will be discounted 50% until our inventory is gone. Please stop in to say goodbye, reminisce and purchase a piece of JB Winterberry before it becomes a piece of history.

Thanks to all our terrific customers for 8 years of memories.

Julie, Barb & The JB Girls