"At Home with Julie & Barb 9/1/09"

Feels like Fall is already in the air. We are preparing ourselves for the set-up this weekend. We know that we will see all of you this Thursday for the annual Fall Premier beginning at 10am. Life's been crazy at JB...Barb and Val have kicked off our new service "JB Decorate". Our first clients are being serviced. To get on the schedule, all you have to do is call. Looks like Fall is off to a good start. As you may have read in the latest newsletter, we will need everyone's support during the Fall & Christmas holidays in order to make it to 2010. We're trying our best so please stop in. Our creative juices are flowing for some great Halloween displays. Mr. Winterberry has been busy creating some display coffins for our graveyard scene. He admitted that they look cool but he was a little creeped out. They will look great in our displays. We're off to pick up the hay and cornstalks (our Fall decor staples from Sonny Acres.) Plan a trip out to see us on Thursday, September, 10th from 10am-8pm!

"At Home with Julie & Barb"

Our Fall work schedule has begun so we will be in the shop together every Wednesday and Thursday. Our college girls are back to school (one at Bowling Green and one on an intership at DisneyWorld.) Our first employees to make the Secret Garden come to life in 2004 are retiring this week. It's a year full of changes. Barb has been working hard to get all her strength back from her heart attack and has been in a real creative display type of mood. So needless to say that the old summer displays have come back to life. Julie has been sketching the shops getting ready to move everything around for the Fall. Back to school time definitely gets you in the mood. We just finished selling at the DuPage All Night Flea Market. Lots of work but some fun was had when our friends and family came to visit, otherwise a total non-moneymaker. Think we'll try a different flea market next month. Fall is always busy for us because it's our favorite time of year. Both our birthdays are in November (1 & 4) so our hearts are always ready for Autumn. Our next big thing is the Fall Premier on September 10th. We are trying to come up with some awesome displays. See you soon!
"At Home with Julie & Barb"

Our blogspot looks fantabulous! Full of awesome photos and upcoming events. Manager Martha is the creative blogposter and creator. Without her being so web savvy, this blogspot would not be in existence. Barb and I thank her for her continued hard work and creativity. But...a blogspot is not complete without some personal tidbits from the owners. Do you want to know a little more about us? What we do outside of work or where we go to buy our antiques? I'm sure you do. Now, every Monday and Wednesday we will post " At Home with Julie & Barb". A more informal look at what we do to prepare JB Winterberry for greatness and what we do in our spare time. Did you know that Barb & Mr. Winterberry have been married for 44 years or that Julie now has 2 kids in high school? Get to know us and what makes JB Winterberry tick. Check out the blog often to be "in the know"!

Zoppini is Back!

 Zoppini fans, 
we will be having a special promotion beginning
 Saturday August 15th through Saturday August 22nd
 Starter bracelets begin at $8.00.
Only Zoppini uses 18k gold, Stainless Steel and hand painted enamel.
The collection includes many travel related charms, professions, and birthstones.
Zoppini bracelets make great gifts.
      Be sure to stop by to add to your bracelet, or start a new one. 
We will be happy to help you chose just the right charm!