"At Home with Julie & Barb"

This is our dog Penny! She laughs! Isn't she the cutest thing? She just turned 8 and we had her birthday party at McDonald's. She just loves french fries. She has been part of the store since the beginning. You may not see her (because she would lick you to death) but she visits when we are closed. Her big tail now seems to knock too much merchandise over but she loves to run in the hallway.
Well, Fall is in the air and we have a busy week coming up. As you may have heard, we are decorating a home for the Hinsdale Housewalk this year on October 4. It's great to be represented in another town. The Wheaton Housewalk has been postponed until the Spring (April 30). Then I (Julie) am off to New York with my daughter to celebrate her 16th birthday. This trip has been in the works for 2 years and it's finally here. So much to see on a long weekend. We will be visiting NYU, Columbia and FIT. Plus we will be doing some shopping and other sightseeing. The Big Apple in the Fall....awesome! Hope to see you all in the shop for your Halloween decorations. We have a great selection of Fall florals this year too! Customer comments have been excellent so I think we did good!!! See you soon.

"At Home with Julie & Barb 9/15/09"

We did it....the store is Autumnized! With 4 long days of sweat, creativity and all the JB girls helping, we pulled off an excellent Fall Premier. If you haven't paid a visit yet, be sure to plan a trip soon. Mr. Winterberry let his creative side shine by making 3 crypts in the graveyard portion of the shop. They are so popular that we are taking special orders! Manager Martha also showed off her talents by offering many handpainted original items this year. They are going fast especially her handpainted windows - crows, bats, spiders, you name it! Julie and Barb tried their hand at some original items also: silhouette branch paintings, witches music sheets, old decorated bottles and more. We are on a roll with the originality this year! Next on our to do list is to enjoy this beautiful weather whenever possible then start up the Hinsdale Housewalk. The walk is being held Sunday, Oct. 4th. It's our first time but we've been paired with a great house. Hope to see you soon at JB. We'll keep creating if you keep buying!

It's Finally here... Thursday, September 10th Fall Premier! COME JOIN US!

Thursday is JB Winterberry's long awaited Fall Premier!
Please join us as
the "JB Girls" think this could be the best ever!
The shops are packed with wonderful Fall Decor,
Florals, Garden Iron, and Halloween Party supplies.

The Main Street Shop
will greet you with
an old fashioned farm style autumn celebration.
You'll delight in the " party table" set for the occasion!
Don't forget to pick up a POISON apple. They are HOT this year!
Wander down the hall and enjoy pumpkins in all shapes and sizes.
Notice the new Mad Mat outdoor rug patterns.

The "woods" of the Secret Garden
are abuzz with the trick or treating antics of a family of ghosts.
Enter if you dare... you will find wonderful treasures for your love of autumn. Don't miss the "costume shoppe" in the Secret Garden.
More adornments for the season await you there!

Enter the Sale Room
Take advantage of 50% off savings.
We have put many vintage items in this room
and hope you will take a peek.

The Gathering room
is a bit on the "dark" side.
When you enter, you will be greeted with a "haunted" graveyard
with crows, skeletons and hand painted works for your Halloween home.
Don't miss the family portrait wall and the
hand painted magnetic family fridge photos.
Be sure to check out some of the new books for the season.
Find the darling "Harvest Moon" thermometers... so cute for your home.
We hope you will enjoy finding unique items for your Halloween celebrations in the Gathering Room.

"At Home with Julie & Barb 9/2/09"

All our energies are being put into the creative thoughts for the Fall set-up. A cool graveyard is being designed. A colorful Halloween party table is in the works. Fun poison bottles are being made and even some creepy spider egg sacks. We love this time of year. Along with all this planning, we went to preview the home we will be decorating this year at the Hinsdale Housewalk. (Wheaton decided to do their Housewalk in the Spring next year.) It's a great house with a beautiful pond and gardens outside. It is being held on Oct. 4. Since we've been busy at the shop and at home getting ready for the Fall Premier on Sept. 10, we haven't had time for a personal life. Our poor dog and Julie's kids get the short end of the stick for the next week. But....it's gonna look great and you'll be totally amazed as usual. See you soon.