"At Home with Julie & Barb 9/15/09"

We did it....the store is Autumnized! With 4 long days of sweat, creativity and all the JB girls helping, we pulled off an excellent Fall Premier. If you haven't paid a visit yet, be sure to plan a trip soon. Mr. Winterberry let his creative side shine by making 3 crypts in the graveyard portion of the shop. They are so popular that we are taking special orders! Manager Martha also showed off her talents by offering many handpainted original items this year. They are going fast especially her handpainted windows - crows, bats, spiders, you name it! Julie and Barb tried their hand at some original items also: silhouette branch paintings, witches music sheets, old decorated bottles and more. We are on a roll with the originality this year! Next on our to do list is to enjoy this beautiful weather whenever possible then start up the Hinsdale Housewalk. The walk is being held Sunday, Oct. 4th. It's our first time but we've been paired with a great house. Hope to see you soon at JB. We'll keep creating if you keep buying!

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