Popular and Oh So Fragrant, Votivo Candles!

Take in one of our most popular scents,
  Clean Crisp White * 
Imagine the fresh smell of laundry hanging out on the line, 
Crisp and Clean!
Unmistakable Honeysuckle! *   
  This one will "grab you" as you descend the stairs to the Secret Garden. 
 It will remind you of the first Spring blossoms of honeysuckle on the vine.
Red Currant *...
What can we say! 
 We can never keep enough of this popular scent in stock!
A must have for any season!
Votivo, true to their fragrance, so aromatic!  
If you have never tried one... now is the time. 
 They come packaged in a pretty box, perfect for giving.
    * available in a convenient pump hand soap, lotion and room spray as well.

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