Get the JB Winterberry "look" in Your Planters!

Ever wonder how JB Winterberry does it?  Here's how!
Our planters have, year to year, been filled with beautiful blooms, carefully selected and planted by Prosek's Greenhouse in Winfield.
  We wanted to share with you the names and types of plants that they provide for us!
This planter can be found by the Secret Garden back door. 
 It is a Sunny and hot location.  It receives strong afternoon Sun.
  This has been planted for Spring with variegated ivy, pansy pots and  the pretty pink/peachy delicate blooms of Alstroemeria, this one is named " Theresa"
 "These tubers make continuously new shoots and flowers until the frost comes in" Low maintenance tender perennials, hardy to USDA Zone 7.

These planters have been planted with pretty plants as a "base" for the blooms.
Prosek's lays the ground with Spider plants, asparagus fern and variegated ivy.
  They place small pots of pansy or viola that can be removed after the cool Spring and replaced with a Summer bloomer such as Geranium or coleus.
         In the planters pictured at the top of this blog post, in addition to the plants listed above, you will find Bridal Veil, a tiny olive leaf plant with white flowers, and the pretty purple blooms of Mona Lavender ( plectranthus)
  These planters have an Eastern Exposure and shade in the afternoon.
  Planters are lined with a cocoa fiber mat, available at Prosek's as well.
       We hope you will try these looks at home as well.
    Be sure to stop by from time to time to see how our planters have been
 "changed out"
Email us with photos of your creations!
Don't forget we offer a wide variety of Planters, Urns and Arbors for your blooms!
Now you can have the "JB look" at home!

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  1. Great idea, Martha! Very nice. Keep up the great work!


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