Wheatons own Diane Jaderholm Designs

FOR AN EXTENDED TIME....JB Winteberry proudly presents our friend

If you have seen her designs you will be thrilled to see her "boutique" here at JB for the holidays. If you have NEVER seen what this talented jewelry designer has created, now is the time to stop in!

Dede uses her love of vintage buttons as the starting point for her creations. She has developed quite a following and we are pleased to have her in the shop.
Stop by to see her new necklace designs, big and bold, colorful and unique. She is also showcasing rings set in silver as well as beautiful earrings at terrific price points!

Give a unique gift to that special someone and treat yourself to something beautiful as well!

Diane is scheduled to be in the shop
Thursday December 17 through...THIS JUST IN...

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